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We advise bilateral and multilateral institutions including the European Commission, UN agencies, international and regional development banks, as well as NGOs and private sector clients. Using a multi-discipilinary approach, our expertise ranges from evaluation, to institution and organisational development, and economic and strategic financial management in three thematic areas: inclusive and sustainable development; environment and climate change; and governance, human rights, and civil society.


Continuous growth

Inclusive and sustainable development

Sustainable growth and development requires a big-picture view and three equally-balanced elements: environment, society, and economy (or "3Ps": Planet, People, and Profit).

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A holistic approach

Environment and climate change

The environment is complex and sensitive to human activity. At the same time, the sustainable use of natural resources is a key element in economic development and poverty alleviation.

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Fostering empowerment

Governance, human rights and civil society

Good governance and respect for human rights are essential for sustainable human development, poverty reduction and the elimination of inequality.

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In 2015, PEM completed a major review of the Global Water Partnership (GWP) Knowledge Management function on behalf of Danida, the EC and other financing government partners. Our review indicated the need to strengthen links between Knowledge and Learning based on capturing, disseminating, and adding value ‘from the field up.’ A key result of the review was that GWP developed a new Knowledge Management Approach which is now embedded in their current global work programme for 2017-2019.

Latest news

12 January 2017

A new video with PEMconsult's Eric Buhl-Nielsen speaking on the criticality of this new EU staff handbook for in situations of conflict and fragility.

12 January 2017

PEMconsult in association with Verner Kristiansen has been contracted to assist the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Denmark in formulating a new phase of the Danish-Arab partnership programme.