High impact, integrated and people-centred

PEM is an innovative global consultancy within international development cooperation. PEM provides short and long-term consulting services to donors, ministries and public/private sector organisations. Our specialised team has a strong reputation for delivering high quality technical advisory services using a high impact, integrated and people-centred approach.

Continuous growth

Inclusive and sustainable growth and development

Inclusive sustainable growth derives from economic diversification and technological innovation. In many developing economies, development of an effective agricultural sector and complementary agro-businesses are the key to economic development.

A holistic approach

Environment and natural resource management

The natural environment is complex and sensitive to external intervention. The sustainable use of natural resources is a key element in economic development and the alleviation of poverty. Broad environmental, socio-economic planning and a holistic approach is crucial for longer term sustainability.

Empowering key stakeholders

Governance, human rights and civil society

Good governance and human rights are universal values that should be promoted around the world. Together they can empower and strengthen civil societies and contribute to poverty reduction and sustainable development.