The approach to identification and formulation is of critical importance for ensuring that development cooperation addresses identified needs and priorities of target beneficiaries, and is aligned to policies, strategies, plans, and programmes of partner countries and institutions. Ownership, buy-in, and commitment by partners are key to delivering sustainable development outcomes. PEMconsult emphasises a profound understanding of cultural patterns and common values of the beneficiaries and partners, inclusiveness and open-mindedness, avoiding imposition of pre-conceived solutions. Formulation then must translate the basic strategic agreement with partners into a concrete actionable intervention with clear goals, time frame, and specification of the resources required to produce the intended results at objective, impact, output and outcome levels. PEMconsult has identified and formulated country, regional and global projects and programmes with government institutions, civil society, private sector and international organisations. We have extensive experience in these processes, and emphasizes an alignment approach to ensure real embedment of the intervention in partner institutions and an inclusive and respectful process design to ensure ownership.