Monitoring and evaluation (M&E) serves two essential purposes. By looking forward it provides a key to learning and improving performance, and when necessary revising approaches and designs with a view toward ensuring the intended outcomes and impacts are achieved. By looking backwards is provides a basis for accountability and is a foundation for good governance and effective management. Rapid change makes learning and adaptability increasingly important. Performance measurement and accountability are cornerstones of governance and a core part of sector approaches and cooperation modalities that aim to put development processes in the control of the countries and people that represent the beneficiaries. M&E is relevant across development sectors and themes and across the Sustainable Development Goals. 

PEMconsult has a considerable expertise carrying out independent monitoring and evaluation including reviews using results based management approaches. PEMconsult’s services include:

  • Evaluations of specific projects, programmes, sectors and themes

  • Reviews of projects and programmes, as well as institutions and their work

  • Capacity development and design of systems of information management