Water and sanitation projects in Uganda and Kenya

The Kampala South Water and Sanitation Project in Uganda and the Thika and Githunguri Water and Sanitation Improvement Project in Kenya, are currently taking place and both funded by Danida Business Finance. Due to the construction of the new Kampala-Entebbe Expressway in the area between South and West of Kampala, there has been an inflow of new habitants, the population has been growing and the rapid urbanization has led to the extension of the city. In Kenya, the towns of Thika and Githunguri have also experienced growth following the completion of a highway between Thika and Nairobi. In consequence, there is now a need for improvement and development of the inadequate water supply and waste water treatment facilities in these areas. In order to meet future demands, the objectives of the project are to improve the existing facilities but also to introduce a sustainable water supply system, expand the access to drinking water, improve the faecal sludge treatment and install automatic water dispenser in informal settlements. Partner Thorbjørn Waagstein and water and sanitation specialist Mike Hutson are currently visiting the projects in both countries. The consultant team is meeting with the authorities, the clients (Athi Water Service Board in Kenya and the National Water and Sewerage Corporation in Uganda) and the Feasibility Study Consultant, regarding further studies for the projects to be ready for appraisal. Based on the documentation, a concept note and subsequently a Project Document will be prepared.