Baseline Study, Kafa Zone, Climate Resilient Forest Livelihoods Thematic Programme

PEM has been assigned to conduct a baseline study for the ‘Climate Resilient Forest Livelihoods’ (CRFL) Thematic Programme for monitoring programme progress and impacts. The Danish Embassy in Addis Ababa supports the programme which aims to result in improved and resilient livelihoods for nearly 23,000 direct beneficiaries involved in the programme while maintaining and enhancing carbon stocks and other ecosystem services through establishments of participatory forest management (PFM) in the Kafa Biosphere Reserve in Ethiopia. It builds on previous PFM activities and runs from the beginning of 2019 to the end of 2022. Our team of five experts supported by several junior data collectors will develop indicators on improved and climate-resilient livelihoods, forest resources, ecosystem services and PFM group functionality and institutional capacity mainly through semi-structured household interviews, focus group discussions, key informant interviews and additional tools such as Venn or Chapati diagrams of power relations, seasonal calendars, timelines and trend analyses for both forest and non-forest opportunities, and various ranking and scoring techniques to help prioritise among identified livelihood strategies.


Photo: A member of the Agama Village PFM group showing a wild coffee plant in Yeyibito Kebele, Gimbo Woreda, Kafa Zone, Ethiopian Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples' Region (SNNPR). Wild coffee is one of the NTFPs that the PFM members harvest in their forest.