Water Sector Analysis and Inputs to SSC Formulation in Morocco

Denmark and Morocco have agreed to collaborate through a Strategic Sector Cooperation (SSC) in the water sector. The formulation of the engagement is done by the Danish Environmental Protection Agency (DEPA) in collaboration with the Moroccan authorities and partner organizations. To decide the final focus area of the collaboration, DEPA has released a tender for a background study of the Moroccan water sector. A PEM team led by PEM-partner Thorbjørn Waagstein has analyzed the water sector and prepared inputs to the project document of the SSC collaboration. Part of the assignment was a field trip to Morocco for face-to-face discussions and data collection.

Feasibility Study for the Jinja-Iganga Water and Sanitation Project

The National Water and Sewage Corporation (NWSC) of Uganda presented a list of four project ideas and requested financing from Danida Sustainable Infrastructure Finance (DSIF). The Jinja-Iganga project has been deemed suitable and NWSC has presented the project on a larger scope, which includes several subtopics within water supply and sanitation. In the first half of 2022, PEM assisted NWSC and DSIF in assessing whether the project may be eligible for DSIF funding. The team led by PEM-partner Thorbjørn Waagstein drafted a debriefing note, and assessment report, and a concept note according to Danida Guidelines.   Picture by Anna Gade (Uganda)  

Preparation and Programme Formulation for the World Resource Institute (2023 – 2027)

The World Resource Institute (WRI) is an advocate and implementer of researching, designing, and carrying out practical solutions which improve people’s lives and ensure that nature can thrive. Since 2013, Denmark has provided core funding to the organization and has thus supported it’s aims. WRI’s 2023-2027 strategic plan will also receive Danish funding, however with an earmark. The chosen thematic areas for the plan will follow Danish development priority areas. PEM is engaged to provide aid for the preparation and program formulation of the Danish support to the WRI strategic plan 2023-2027. The consultancy team under the lead of PEM-partner Stephanie Robert Oksen prepared several documents, including the project document for Denmark’s support to the plan, had elaborate discussions Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Denmark, and WRI as well as the key donor partners. The team also visited Ethiopia and Kenya to gain in-depth insights and discuss the program with

Appraisal of Denmark’s support to Climate Investment Fund’s Accelerating Coal Transition (ACT) investment program

Coal as an energy resource accounts for about 30% of the projected global temperature increase and thus, makes it the single largest driver of climate change. Nevertheless, the phase-out of the resource often meets strong opposition from public and private actors as there are strong economic and political incentives to maintain coal as a major energy resource. This is why the Climate Investment Fund (CIF) initiated the Accelerating Coal Transition (ACT) Program in early 2021 at COP 26. Denmark pledged a contribution in the amount of DKK 100 million to the program in 2022. PEM won the tender to provide quality assurance for the investment and its related documentation in accordance with the MFA Aid Management Guidelines. PEM partners Stephanie Oksen and Jens Lorentzen further proposed recommendations for adjustments and improvements of the project document.