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Evaluation of the EU cooperation with the United Nations

PEM is part of an evaluation of the EU’s cooperation with the United Nations in 2014-2020. The total budget under the evaluation is approximately EUR 21.4 billion. The evaluation team is looking at the following EU priority areas: a) the Green Deal (environment, climate change, agriculture, green economy); b) transition to a new digital era; c) sustainable economic, human, and social development; d) peace, security, and governance (incl. democracy, rule of law, human rights); and e) migration and forced displacement.

PEM provided the Team Leader and the senior expert for the Green Deal (Deputy Team Leader) who are leading the methodology development, the definition of the intervention logic (theory of change), the elaboration of evaluation questions. PEM will also lead review and analysis of the results framework for the EU-UN cooperation, data collection, the synthesis of findings and elaboration of conclusions and recommendations, as well as the overall technical supervision of the evaluation team. Remote interviews and focus group discussions will be carried out with key stakeholders. Depending on the COVID-19 situation, field visits may also be carried out. A public dissemination event will be held in Brussels in January 2022.