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Evaluation of EIB support to Climate Change Adaptation

Five years ago, the EuropeanInvestmentBank (EIB) launched a climate strategy which included a commitment to increase financing for climatechangeadaptation (CCA). Yet, the support to CCA has remained at around 1 billion a year or 1-2 % of EIB annual lending.
PEM has been contracted by the Bank to undertake an evaluation to understand what the bottlenecks are that have led to a low level of support for CCA and determine the factors, both internal and external, that have a minor or major impact on the low volume of CCA finance.
The evaluation team is looking at 3 levels: 1) Institutional level, which includes the analysis of relevant strategies, policies, business model, operational practices, and incentive structures; Country-level, which includes the analysis of support to CCA in Poland, Spain, France, Malawi, Mozambique, and Jordan; and Sector/Project level, i.e., CCA projects from 1-2 sectors within each of the countries.
The evaluation findings will feed into the development of an EIB climate change adaptation plan.