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Formulation of the Danish support to the African Water Facility

The Sahel and Horn of Africa are among the most affected areas in Africa from impacts of global warming and climate change. The region is characterized by strong climatic variability, irregular rainfall and persistent drought. Water is a limiting factor for development in the Sahel and Horn of Africa. Floods and droughts, a common occurrence in the region, affect millions of people every few years.With 149,5 million DKK, Denmark will support the recovery of five countries in the Sahel and Horn of Africa (Mali, Niger, Burkina Faso, Ethiopia, and Somalia) from the Covid-19 pandemic by improving existing water supply and sanitation services and leveraging new investments in water and sanitation infrastructure in the countries.

The support will be channeled through the African Water Facility (AWF), established by the African Ministers’ Council on Water to assist African countries in the mobilization of financing and use of the funds in addressing the Water, Sanitation and Hygiene challenges.

PEM is currently supporting the programmeformulation of the Danish support to the AWF. We are finalizing a draft concept note and in close collaboration with the AWF and Danish Ministry of Foreign Affairs developing the programme document with all annexes.