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Preparation of Programme and Development Engagement Documents for Ukraine-Denmark Energy Partnership Programme (UDEPP): Support for an Enabling Environment for Sustainable Energy Investment

PEM is pleased to undertake the Formulation of the Ukraine-Denmark Energy Partnership Programme (UDEPP) for Danida. The objective of the present engagement is to strengthen investment in sustainable energy, as well as assisting Ukraine in achieving its renewable energy, energy efficiency and energy independence targets. The aim of this partnership to strengthen the cooperation in a new 5-year phase (2021—2026) with an additional budget of 30 million DKK. PEM will assist in drafting two separate development engagement documents: one with the Ministry of Energy and another with the Ministry for Communities and Territories Development, as well as an overarching programme document for UDEPP in line with the priorities of the Danish Neighbourhood Programme and other relevant Danish and Ukrainian strategies. Unfortunately, travel to Ukraine is not possible due to the current pandemic, so meetings with stakeholders are held on virtual platforms.