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Screening of funding and proposals in the Green Climate Fund

PEM has been contracted by Danida to undertake a screening of funding proposals seeking Green Climate funding from October 2020-July 2021. Climate investments are critical for post-COVID recovery and human security, highlighting the importance of the Green Climate Fund (GFC) and the role of private-public investments in developing countries. GCF became operational as a financing mechanism of the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change in 2015 to aid global efforts on combatting climate change by supporting developing countries to limit or reduce CO2 emissions and adapt to climate change. In 2019, GCF completed its first replenishment process and Denmark pledged to double its contribution to DKK 800 million for 2020-2022. Pledges have since exceeded USD 10 billion, and GCF needs to significantly increase the speed of programming. 

PEM will support a stronger engagement of the joint (NL/DK/LX) Board seat regarding funding proposals, leading to strategic influence on the development and approval of projects. PEM will also support due diligence in the process of reviewing funding proposals and contribute to an increased understanding of the GCF portfolio, especially around elements considered a priority in the Danish organisation strategy for GCF.