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Independent Evaluation of SDC’s Performance in Agricultural Market Systems Development 2013-2019

PEM has been commissioned to evaluate the performance of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC) in Agricultural Market Systems Development (MSD) 2013-2019. The evaluation purpose is, in particular, to provide evidence on how the SDC MSD development programmes in Agriculture contribute to increasing income, supporting food security, reducing poverty, and improving resilience and livelihoods of smallholder farmers. The evaluation seeks to identify successes, difficulties and failures, as well as good practices of how MSD in Agriculture is implemented and assess to which extent and how such practices could be applied systematically within SDC. The evaluation team will look at the relevance, coherence, effectiveness, efficiency, impact and sustainability of SDC agricultural MSD programmes and projects in all four domains: South Cooperation, Cooperation with Eastern Europe, Humanitarian Aid, and Global Cooperation. Looking backwards and forward, the evaluators will assess accountability and performance, document evidence of results and focus on making strategic use of the findings.