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Evaluation of two projects stimulating SMEs growth and enhancing market economy, Economic Development, Bosnia and Herzegovina

PEM in association with NIRAS is currently undertaking the evaluation of two projects that aim to increase the competitiveness of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and enhance the market economy and economic development in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The “Small Business Act - Strategic and Policy Framework” project, financed by Sweden, runs between 2017 and 2021 and aims to accelerate economic integration with the EU in the area of SMEs. The "Challenge to Change", also funded by Sweden, is a 5 years project between 2016-2021. It is a challenge fund with the main objective to stimulate positive changes and strengthen socioeconomic development in BiH, as well as cooperation between Sweden and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The two projects have a total budget allocation of 70.5 mill SEK and are being implemented by the Swedish Embassy in Sarajevo and local partners.

The evaluation will look at the effectiveness and sustainability of the two projects and cover each project’s implementation by the end of 2019. The evaluators will also consider the findings from earlier studies and evaluations in order to identify options and provide supportive analysis to allow a solid basis for identifying future projects.