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Enabling Environment for Sustainable Energy in Georgia

PEM has been commissioned to produce a revised Development Engagement Document (DED) with annexes for a Phase II  of Danish Energy Cooperation with Georgia: Enabling Environment for Sustainable Energy in Georgia 2021-2023, in response to a desk appraisal of the DED in February 2020. Phase II of the current Danish assistance to the energy sector in Georgia “Energy Efficiency and Sustainable Energy” (2015-2019), has been planned under the current Danish Neighbourhood Programme (DANEP) and its Country Programme for Georgia. 

The objective of this assignment is to:

1) adjust the DED in accordance with the recommendations of the desk appraisal 

2) draft terms of reference for the technical assistance inputs to be tendered for implementation support 

3) provide technical consultation inputs during the international bidding process and until the winning bidder has been identified and contracted