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Mid-term review of strategy of the Nordic Africa Institute

PEM is conducting the mid-term review of the Nordic Africa Institute (NAI) strategy 2017-2021 to assess the work halfway through the strategy period in order to learn and adjust for the remaining period.
The review includes both the strategic and operational level.
Specifically, the evaluation team will 1) measure progress in achieving strategic goals and programmatic objectives; 2) assess whether the system and the selection of indicators for monitoring progress remain feasible and relevant; 3) consult main stakeholders’ views of NAI’s production and dissemination of knowledge; 4) identify the current advantages and challenges of NAI in delivering on its vision and strategic objectives; and 5) provide recommendations on improvements and/or shift in focus in order to deliver.

Photo by the team leader Susan Ulbaek showing a workshop with researchers and staff at NAI, Uppsala, Sweden