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Evaluation of the Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation

PEM is undertaking the evaluation of the Danish Strategic Sector Cooperation which aims to 1) increase inclusiveness, sustainable growth and development in partner countries, 2) strengthen and expand relations between Denmark and partner countries, 3) engage the Danish private sector in delivering solutions to the SDG challenges in partner countries. Being expanded in 2019, the SSC now involves 14 Danish public sector institutions, 35 counsellors in Danish Embassies and 18 countries worldwide, responsible for planning and implementing a total of 39 projects. The evaluation team will examine the past performance and plans of the 13 strategically selected projects in four visit countries: India, Brazil, Kenya and Indonesia, where case studies will be conducted. The evaluation will also encompass cross-cutting themes; gender equality, climate change, human rights and assess the extent to which these are covered and addressed in SSC projects.