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End-review of forest managment projects in Tanzania

PEM together with PEM East Africa is currently undertaking end-reviews of two Norwegian funded projects focused on improving forest management in Tanzania: 

1) Empowering Communities through training on PFM, REDD+ and Climate Change Initiatives (ECOPRC) implemented by Forest Training Institute

2) Conservation and Restoration of the Eastern Arc Mountains, implemented by Eastern Arc Mountains Conservation Endowment Fund (EAMCEF)

The former is a five-year project to enhance the sustainable management of Tanzania's forest resources in ways that maximize social, economic, environmental and governance benefits for communities engaged in participatory forest management, REDD+ and climate change initiatives. The latter started in June 2016, and the main goal was to enhance conservation of the forests within the Eastern Arc Mountains Forests World Heritage Site in Tanzania. The project is contributing towards the improvement of ecosystem management, including water sources that support livelihood to 15 surrounding districts, hydropower production as well as biodiversity and carbon services.

The objective of the end reviews is to assess the achievement of results, cost-efficiency and relevance of the projects and the sustainability of achieved results. Also, the two projects will be compared in terms of methodology, level of achievement of results, level of outreach and sustainability.