Established in Dar es Salaam, Tanzania in 2002, PEM East Africa Limited focuses on local, national and regional natural resource issues. With considerable knowledge and experience in development and management of water resources, PEM-EA has local partners and a large network of consultants, internationally and on the sub-continent (e.g., engineers, agronomists, foresters, geographers, anthropologists) with extensive expertise in how governance, institutional management, political economy, and financial management interact with natural resources and climate change.

As a part of sustainable resourcement management, PEM East Africa conducts PSIAs to determine both short and the long-term aspects of poverty, welfare, and social dimensions of environmental projects. This approach examines the distributional and social impacts of policy reforms and resulting well-being of different groups of the population, particularly the poor and most vulnerable.

PEM East Africa has extensive expertise in assessing impact at various levels and from diverse perspectives, as well as critical contextual-knowledge in Sub-Saharan Africa, specifically in conducting:

  • Environmental Assessments (SSEA)

  • Poverty and Socio-Economic Impact Assessments (PSIA), which are complex and examine the impact of public policies on social and poverty outcomes.

PEM-EA works closely with the PEMconsult headquarters in Denmark on various assignments, and has worked extensively with Tanzanian and Lesotho Government Ministries, the World Bank, Danida, Sida, GIZ, DFID, Irish Aid, Finnida, and international NGOs such as WWF, Hifab International and World Vision.