Torben Lundsgaard

Associate Consultant

Torben has a Master degree in Agricultural Science with focus on natural resource management, climate change and sustainable rural development.

Torben has more than 30 years of experience as manager and team leader in natural resources management with focus on rural development and adaptation to climate change. He has worked in SE-Africa more than 7 years, 7 years in Latin-America, 8 years in SE-Asia and 10 years in Europe;

Torben has working experience with EU, bilateral donors, national ministries and institutional strengthening of devolved functions in programme implementation and management;

Torben has a strong M&E background and is familiar with Project Cycle Management and Performance Assessment Frameworks. Duties include project identification, formulation, evaluation/review and management of activities in the framework of rural development, natural resources management, rainwater harvesting structures and CC adaptation.

Countries: Southeast Asia, SE- Africa, Latin America and Europe