Sixto A. Requena

Associate Consultant

Sixto Requena helps clients in the financing, economics and institutional reform aspects of infrastructure development, with focus on water resources management, water supply and sanitation, and wastewater. Sixto provides consulting services to multilateral and bilateral agencies, water utility companies and governments.

Sixto’s areas of work include investment project design, project appraisal, project implementation, water sector strategic planning, and investment programming. He also works in the design of institutional reforms to enable water utilities achieve commercial viability in order to get commercial funding.

Having worked in projects in more than 40 countries, in Africa, Middle East, Latin-America, South Asia, and South-East Asia, Sixto has developed an in depth understanding of the challenges faced by a variety of clients in order to come up with appropriate institutional arrangements and financing options.

He authored or co-authored many reports covering Water Utilities Reforms; Local Financing for Water Utilities; Public Private Partnerships; and Value Chains. He has also developed user friendly financial and planning models.