Mimi Groenbech


Mimi works with inclusive private sector development, and has experience in supporting all stages in the project cycle, from formulation, to implementation, reviews, and evaluations.

Mimi has worked internationally with development since 1999, in the field of inclusive private sector development and job creation. Having lived and worked around the world (Sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Middle East, Latin America and Europe), she has experience from many different contexts. She has had several long-term assignments, including programme manager for two of Danida’s Business Sector Programmes and as Chief Technical Advisor for two ILO projects.

In 2013, Mimi started as a consultant and has had various assignments for clients including Danida, ILO, SIDA, and the EU. She has much experience in value chain development and market system approaches, business environment reform and policy, participatory approaches, job creation, enterprise development and livelihood creation, as well as public-private sector dialogue and advocacy. Mimi has worked with many different sectors, but has most experience in the agriculture and tourism sectors.