Malene Wiinblad


Malene has Masters Degrees in Socio-Technological Planning from Roskilde University Center and in African Studies from Copenhagen University.

Malene has 24 years of experience as advisor, program manager and consultant. She has profound knowledge on issues of climate change adaptation, natural resource management development, poverty, and governance from working extensively in Western and Southern Africa as well as in Latin America. She has lived 15 years in Mozambique and speaks Portuguese, English and French

With her combined experience from working 10 years in the Danish Ministry of Environment and Energy, with NGOs, as consultant and advisor for the Government in Mozambique, Malene is particularly skilled in forging cross-sector cooperation, managing different institutional and cultural approaches and bringing in innovative ideas to create solutions.

At PEMconsult Malene is delivering consultancy services in her areas of expertise.

Countries: Southern and Western Africa, Latin America, Mozambique, Denmark