Kirsten van der Steen

Project assistant

Kirsten is in the second year of the Master’s degree Human Security at Aarhus University, and will be starting a fourth-month internship at PEMconsult from the 17th of August. Kirsten studies how to analyse human and environmental conflicts and come up with contextualised solutions based on the principles of human security. Her areas of interest are land- and resource conflicts, climate risks, climate adaptation and mitigation, food security, indigenous rights, migration and forced displacement. During her thesis work, she will address power relations and pick up on topics such as governmentality and bio-power.

As an intern, Kirsten will support PEMconsult with the ongoing external evaluation of the Danish support to climate change adaptation in developing countries, focusing on vulnerable groups, resilient livelihoods and transformation. She will also gain practical hands-on experience with international tendering procedures from preparing proposals to contract management with bi-and multilateral organisations such as Danida, UN organisations, EU and Sida. In addition, she will help PEMconsult with administrative tasks, updating various tools, social media and PEM’s website.