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Procurement consultant in Ethiopia

IFU has contracted PEMconsult’s partner Thorbjorn Waagstein as a Procurement Consultant for recruitment of a Supervision Engineer for the construction of Assela 100MW Wind Farm in Ethiopia. Ethiopian Electric Power (EEP) is responsible for power generation and transmission in Ethiopia and will be the implementer of the project. The total budget for the wind farm project is app. EUR 169 million and is upon request by The Ministry of Finance and External Cooperation in Ethiopia financed by Danida Business Finance. Thorbjørn will assist EEP with all aspects of the procurement process; from preparation of pre-qualification notice and tender documents including recommendations for no-objection by Danida Business Finance to preparation of the contract, contract negotiation and award of the contract.

Ethiopia’s goal is to become a lower middle-income country by 2025 and is committed to generating climate-resilient, cost-effective and diversified renewable energy to create a carbon-neutral growth economy. Ethiopia is short on electrical power with less than 25% of the population connected, further the energy sector is vulnerable to climate change as 96% of electricity production currently comes from hydropower. Fortunately, Ethiopia has very good conditions for wind power. The project complements Danida’s support to Accelerating Wind Power Generation in Ethiopia.